iCub meets Spain’s Prince and Princess of Asturias

The iCub was invited at the Campus Party Milenio, in Granada were it met Spanish prince Felipe and princess Letizia.

Besides having the pleasure of meeting with the royals of Spain the iCub and his research group SPECS were at the Campus Party to present several European projects:

  • EFAA Experimental Functional Android Assistant:a project that contributes to the development of socially intelligent humanoids
  • eSMCS Extending Sensorimotor Contingencies to Cognition: a project that aims to establish computational models as controllers for autonomous robots and investigate learning and adaptivity in in artificial systems
  • GOAL-LEADERS Goal-directed, Adaptive Builder Robots: a project which aims to develop biologically-governed frameworks for the next generation of adaptive service robots.

As well, iCub represented the FET Flagship initiative Robot Companions for Citizens, an ambitious initiative which aims to promote sustainable welfare through a new generation of sentient robots.

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