iCub in the winning exhibition awarded first price by EU at FET11

FET11 has awarded the first prize for the best stand to  "The future of biomimetic machines" the exhibition organized by the Convergent Science Network of biomimetic and biohybrid Systems. The CSN exhibition has shown clear examples of "future biomimetic machines".

"The future of biomimetic machines" presented demos from European BIO-ICT and Challenge 2 - "Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics" projects:

  • - The first cerebellar neuroprosthetic chip (Renachip project)
  • - The Synthetic Forager (SF project)
  • - Data visualization system (3D iqr from CEEDS project)
  • - Chemonsensing robot (Neurochem project)
  • - iCub, a humanoid robot used as a platform to study perception and learning processes  (, CHRIS project, EfAA project)

FET11, Budapest, 10 May, 2011

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